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[MiNT] A working 68000 SED program?

  I am tring to build a tool that I can examine The versions of GCC that I 
  have and I am trying to find out why none of them work on my MEGA4.
  My shell is msh.prg and curiously,  Mint115 will not come up unless run
  from that shell.  Go figure.   Then I can get BASH to run but not as the
  first shell.   Any help?  

  I have the funny sources from then NET for FBUG68k.  But it seems to
  have come from ATT UNIX with CR but not NL.  Needless to say I need
  SED or a method to change ^M to ^M^N so I can examine and compile the
  sources.  There are several C sources *( K&R C).  but each one is 
  2 to 3K lines.  Too much to expect progess on a parttime basis.

  Any Help?

  Dallas, Texas