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Re: [MiNT]Xwin Questions...


On Tue, Aug 14, 2001 at 01:47:31AM -0500, Brian J. Roland wrote:
> Is there a version of xterm for mint that supports the ansi colors?
> I tried the gx Xwin for GEM, and it's pretty dern good!  I can't seem to figure
> out how to get xterm to do its thing with ansi colors *thoe I can set some
> static colors like back ground and fore ground*...so I assume maybe xterm for
> mint just doesn't support color?  Is there any version that does?

TosWin2 supports ANSI coloring fairly good when run in TW52-mode (provided
you have a recent ncurses installed). Mutt, lynx, w3m, ntlogin, ... all
ran flawlessly here (no wonder, that's what I tested with).

If you are of the hazardous type you can also check out the latest Toswin
version from CVS and compile it from the sources.  It is almost as
vt100-compatible as the latest xterm (far better than kvt or
gnome-terminal, even better than Linux console) but suffers from quite a
few annoying bugs.  Maybe Frank can tell you whether it is currently
usable or not.  I had to stop development on it when my Milan went on
strike.  I will hopefully finish it soon, though.



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