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Re: [MiNT] Memory Protection Horror Show (long)

on Fri 10-08-2001 01:26 Remi Villatel wrote:

>Hi everybody,
>Well I just installed the last RPMs: freemint-1.15.12-1, freemint-sbin-1.15.12-1
>and e2fsprogs-1.14-6 and I tested the memory protection...
>It just doesn't work on my Hades060!

I surely does work. To be honest I must say that I'm not very keen to 
use it as some apps I daily us doesn't work very good under MP.

>I also changed the memory
>flags of Jinnee to global because it always exploded. What I got was something I
>never saw:

I don't think you can blame MiNT for this behaviour. It's more likely 
Jinnee which behaves bad. Anyway, on my Hades and with WP jinnee doesn't 
work at all. I get a 'MEMORY VIOLATION: type free' error.

>My AUTO folder:

DMIRROR: Are you using Diamond Edge? I hope you know Diamond Edge 
will cause severe problems when you use it to check VFAT partitions.
>exec c:\auto\fpu060v3.prx

Are you happy with this? Long time ago I've tried it for sort periode. 
It wasn't exactly what I call stable.

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