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Re: [MiNT] Anyone have any ideas?

on Sat 18-08-2001 20:36 Edward S. Baiz Jr wrote:

>Hello all,
>I am still trying to boot up Mint/MintNet with NVDI and Split Ram resulting from
>SetMMU. Everytime I try to boot up, the booting process stops.. I can boot up
>fine with split ram if I do not load in NVDI. I can boot up with NVDI and SetMMU
>if I do not split the ram. If anyone can thing of something, please let me know.
>Do I have to upgrade something in the MintTOS or some file on the Minix
>partition...? Strange happenings here....

Strange it is. What exactly happens? Do you get some warnings?
Have you tried the mmusetup.cnf I've send you. Ofcourse you must change 
the RAM values. I see you use 256 RAM. In your case the values you can use 
will look like this:
# block defining the ST RAM.
# block defining the TT RAM 

Today I recalled me I had initially some troubles too. I had something 
to do with the settings of mmu_cnf from the first set_mmu releases and 
the graphic card used. Just like you I've a mach 64 card and with this 
card you must make sure that the value of iit0, iit1, dtt0 and dtt1 are 
set to '0'. This is AFAIK the default value of the current set_mmu 
package. Also make sure the block that defines the PCI Memory area have 
"pd_flags=c_p". I believe this is also the default value but check it 

The following has de facto nothing to do with set_mmu but maybe it can 
help you.
With my setup I *MUST* use jar124.prg. If I don't use it I just can't 
boot up. If I try without jar124.prg I first get a warning saying that 
the system can't find the nova_vdi driver, then the following warnings:
grep: /etc/fstab: file not found
[\mint\mint.cnf: 202] error while attempting to execute 'u:\sbin\tzinit', skipped
init: reboot: writing wtmp entry: file not found
And that this point the boot process stops.

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