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Re: [MiNT] OSMD - introduction (fwd)

Hi all!

On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, Guido Flohr wrote:

> > At the moment I have rewritten and tested the KEMD setup script. It
> > can do more than the half of above mentioned operations. I know this
> > type of text installation is not much sexy but it is the only thing I
> > can do. There are two other proposals (both from Jay Soft):
> > 	a) do a text installation using tty dialogs
> > 	b) do a GEM installation using GEMSetup or something like that
> > What do you think as a MiNT large public? Any other proposals?
> What about c) do an installation completely based on VDI.

Which is AES, isn't it? I think it is rather "masochism" to write AES
stuff "only" to be able install OS.

Well, just now I'm thinking about to do everything what we can do, just
before booting MiNT. i.e. by some normal GEM application under plain
ROM TOS. There are some disadvantages using this way:

* man don't get the root directory listing of the partition before it gets
lost (no minix, ext2 driver) - RH solves this simply by using either
autopartition, when all data is lost on the disc, or by manual partition
tool, which allows to setup the disc partition sizes and types on users
* The AES should be a part of the installation. Intended to be able to
continue with the installation process after rebooting into MiNT. This
would problably have a different look&feel, what is not very good for a
user complient installation.

The other proposal I've made was to use GEMSetup... (read the next

> Of course c) needs a toolkit for VDI GUIs which is not written. :-(

Well, only one free... XaAES.

> > will be able to prepare English and Czech versions (no matter what
> > way of installation in point 1 will be chosen). We wil be glad if
> > some of you will translate the script to German, French, ...
> Install the package "gettext" and try "gettext --help".  You don't need
> separate scripts to internationalize your installation stuff, you only
> need different message catalogs.  Once you support more than two
> languages, you will not be very happy with your solution.

Not with GEM complient solution. There is, however, much more convenient
solution for this... just change the .RSC file ;) Anyway, is there any
need to have a multi language installation? How many users use MiNT and
don't know English. Another waste of time? We all are saying "I was short
of time" and doning nothing. I think the English language is good enough
for _everybody_ using MiNT. Other users will translate it themselves.
This my pu(oo)r(e) opinion, so don't take me for Gospel ;)