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[MiNT] OSMD and GEMSetup

Here it is... Follow my minds:

User clicks the setup.app icon. The GEMSetup is started with the basic
config file allowing to select the basic data like kernel version to
install etc. [OK]
Some GEM program (FORM.PLG - GEMScript aware plugin) asks for an empty
diskette in the floppy drive. The diskette is formatted and the initial
MiNT boot diskette data is written.
(Here the GEM programm could ask the user for any data needed to install
minix (ext2) partition - like I said in the previous mail, but this was
the case I didn't thought of before)
The user is asked to remove every bootable media except the diskette just
written. [OK]
The TOS is rebooted.
MiNT kernel + every needed (user set) drivers are loaded, AES is loaded
and GEMSetup is loaded once more. This time with some extended setup.
In this stage it might be possible to have a script that uses rpm to
extract the installation data from the .rpm packages and translates them
into the GEMSetup .cfg file (GEMSetup is quite powerfull to handle this in
my opinion). We have rpm2html script which knows how to get these data and
so there shouldn't be problem to get another data format.

The other problem is the copyright status of GEMSetup. I don't know german
very well unfortunatelly and so I'm not aware about how it could be used
and(or) distributed....

This is just another way how to install MiNT I thing. There are problems
that I didn't even mention I'm sure, but I think it is fundamentaly

best regards