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Re: [MiNT] GDB 5.0?


> Howdy there, I've just started dusting off my old stuff and ran into another
> problem. I have updated my MiNTnet CAB.OVL using the current libraries and
> such, but it's not working quite right. I blew away all my old utilities
> (while trying to get my MinixFS partitions straight. sigh...) so I can't
> fall back to my old gdb. The new gdb 5.0 is unable to attach to my running
> process, so I can't debug anything.

What error happen?

> Is this ptrace supposed to work in
> 1.15.12, or do I need to grab a kernel out of CVS and build it myself?

It should work under 1.15.12.

> Alternately, can someone remind me where to find alternate superblocks on my
> old MinixFS partition, possibly I can recover it...

MinixFS doesn't have backups of the superblock. The only way of recover it
is to write a new superblock (without initalizing the rest of the drive; I
think the fsck have such an option). Just use the same values as you used
for initializing the partition.


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