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[MiNT] AES problem

I've a rather odd problem with my Falcon CT2....

I suspect something is either messed up with MINT, the AES, or the VDI.
I load from the auto folder:
NVDI 5.03
MINT 1.12.15

This loads the sockets in my mint folder (the set that came with EasyMint, xcon
for toswin, and XAAES's mouse driver), launches the gluestick gsresolve, does a
disk system check, and finally boots SpareMint (EasyMint) init and calls N.AES
2.00 from ttytab.

In 256 Color mode, thing loads and everything appears fine but a few GEM
applications don't do proper screen draws at all.  Notably the GEM Xserver, and
Photoline.  The colors are all messed up, and things just don't draw in the
right places (if at all).

The same behavior as above also occurs with XAAES 2.41

I get the same results as above even when disaabling the CT2 and booting without

With AES_4.1, under any sensable mint booting, I DO NOT get these 256 color
bugs...but it's not a viable AES really, since trying to work with drive U and
long filenames etc...just doesn't cut it.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and found a way to fix it?

Any ideas of things to try that might fix it?