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Re: [MiNT] XaAES & centscreen

> > > It is better to write a short wrapper program, which will switch
> > > resolutions, launch AES, and when the AES exits, it would restore the
> > > resolutions back to the original state.
> >
> > Sure, this should be the VDI, shouldn't it?
>  Yes, I think that in the case where the AES closes the workstation it
> used, the VDI should set the resolution back to what it was before it was
> opened.

Thanks, Ozk, you saved me a reply. The VDI should restore the 
resolution inside the cls_wk() call, *if* the open_wk() has changed the 
original resolution.

Stanislav is obviously right that the AES should not do that, but 
rather the VDI.


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