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Re: [MiNT] Floppy RWABS

> > After reading sourcecodes of Emutos, I found that it has almost complete
> > RWABS implementation for floppies. I thought that adapting it to
> > could be a good idea, and could allow to get rid of FLOPPY-LOCK.
> >
> > So i did. I changed procces-switching code to not check flock ($44E
> > Ive adapted code from Emutos to Freemint and I added internal locking
> > one app can RWABS at a time).
> How do you implemented these? In general this can't work as only the
> device driver can decide at which time another process can run. As long
> the the device driver is active the kernel can't schedule anything.


while (flock);

/* code */


(flock is a global variable)

> > Any comments? I'm especially interested in getting rid of FLOPPY-LOCK.
> > I'm doing something wrong? Please hel[ :-)
> The only way to implement this is to write a device driver that give up
> the CPU if a transfer is in progress. The BIOS didn't do this for sure,
> the BIOS poll the drive.

Can you look at the Emutos code? We might make something out of this...

Adam Klobukowski