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Re: [MiNT] Floppy RWABS


> After reading sourcecodes of Emutos, I found that it has almost complete
> RWABS implementation for floppies. I thought that adapting it to FreeMiNT
> could be a good idea, and could allow to get rid of FLOPPY-LOCK.
> So i did. I changed procces-switching code to not check flock ($44E iirc).
> Ive adapted code from Emutos to Freemint and I added internal locking (only
> one app can RWABS at a time).

How do you implemented these? In general this can't work as only the
device driver can decide at which time another process can run. As long
the the device driver is active the kernel can't schedule anything.

> Any comments? I'm especially interested in getting rid of FLOPPY-LOCK. Mayby
> I'm doing something wrong? Please hel[ :-)

The only way to implement this is to write a device driver that give up
the CPU if a transfer is in progress. The BIOS didn't do this for sure,
the BIOS poll the drive.


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