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[MiNT] Floppy RWABS


Last weekend I gone mad and tried few weird things with FreeMiNT kernel.

After reading sourcecodes of Emutos, I found that it has almost complete
RWABS implementation for floppies. I thought that adapting it to FreeMiNT
could be a good idea, and could allow to get rid of FLOPPY-LOCK.

So i did. I changed procces-switching code to not check flock ($44E iirc).
Ive adapted code from Emutos to Freemint and I added internal locking (only
one app can RWABS at a time).

It compiled, but it didn't work. It was kind of strange. I was able to boot
with bash as shell, but /dev /proc and other virtual fs'es wer gone. cd a:
made system hang and restart.

So I went another way. Second solution was: internal lock for RWABS and
executing old (rom, or driver) RWABS code.

It worked just the same like with Emutos RWABS code.

What I didn't do, was adapting XBIOS floopy codes so it can be a problem.

Any comments? I'm especially interested in getting rid of FLOPPY-LOCK. Mayby
I'm doing something wrong? Please hel[ :-)

Adam Klobukowski