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[MiNT] [eaiching@t0.or.at: Re: new sparemint RPM's]

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Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2002 21:38:55 +0200
From: eaiching@t0.or.at (Edgar Aichinger)
Subject: Re: new sparemint RPM's
To: m.tarenskeen@zonnet.nl (Martin Tarenskeen)
X-Mailer: aMail 1.27b/MiNT

Hi Martin,

> Another subject: The new less version still has the same problem it had in
> the previous version. In case you forgot: There is a problem with
> /usr/bin/lesspipe.sh. If I want to read a file "example.txt" with the
> following command:
> 	less example.txt
> the text is not shown. But when coming from a pipe like:
> 	cat example.txt | less
> the text is shown properly.
> I have fixed this problem by adding a single line to lesspipe.sh :
> 	*) cat $1 2>/dev/null ;;
> as the last line in the list of "case" items, just before "esac".

I have made some tests recently, and I found out that if I press Ctrl-C
shortly after executing less, it loads the file properly. As you say it 
also works when less is part of a MiNT pipe, e.g. when used by the 'man' 
command; all of this makes me believe this is a MiNT bug, concerning script 
execution and/or pipes (involved via $LESSOPEN mechanism).

Are you and me the only MiNT people beaten by this? I could report this 
once more to Frank, but it's difficult to get him involved if nobody else 
experiences this bug.


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Martin Tarenskeen