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[MiNT] Ethernet

I'm wondering if by chance anyone has done a mintnet driver for the Dynaport
SCSI/Link T ethernet device.  Other than my somewhat flakey CT2 scsi bus that
locks up from time to time (yep, with hardrives and such as well), have found
that Roger Burrows STiNG drivers work quite well.  Sadly, STiNG and the
SCSILNK.STX won't load for me under MiNT/N.AES :/  Besides, a mintnet driver
would be much better anyways.

If you know of drivers for MiNTnet, or plan on making some...please let the
group know.  From what I can tell...Roger is more than willing to share the
hardware information that he's managed to accumilate about the device.

See: http://www.anodynesoftware.com/ethernet/main.htm for more info about the
SCSILINK device.
There is a rudimentary SCSI command set for the device posted there.