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Re: [MiNT] Ethernet

on 8/29/02 10:36 PM, Brian J. Roland at bjr@localink4.com wrote:

> If you know of drivers for MiNTnet, or plan on making some...please let the
> group know.  From what I can tell...Roger is more than willing to share the
> hardware information that he's managed to accumilate about the device.
> See: http://www.anodynesoftware.com/ethernet/main.htm for more info about the
> SCSILINK device.
> There is a rudimentary SCSI command set for the device posted there.


On Rogers page he states the following:
"MagicNet drivers: development is currently stalled, due to unresolved

It's my understanding such a driver should work with mintnet as is or be
easily adapted.  It would appear Roger has started on one himself.

I have one of these SCSI units myself which I picked up for my TT, however
the TT is loaded with MiNT-Net and so I've been waiting for a MiNT driver

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