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[MiNT] MiNTNet drivers...

 Hi all,

 I am currently writing a NE2000 driver, and have run into problems. The
driver apparently works ok, until I punish mintnet real good with a test
program written by Erik Hall. When I run this testprogram, I get this
fatal error after a while;

tcp_sndseg: seg (1045669241 1045669605) outside wnd (1045663097 1045669241)
FATAL ERROR, etc. etc..

 I hope maybe someone can point me in the right direction if it is a
driver problem. I have scanned the sources up/down/left/right and inside
out without finding any cause for this problem. It should be mentioned
that normal use of the network works great. Only when pushing mintnet real
bad this happens... anyone?


 Odd Skancke - ozk@atari.org - http://assemsoft.atari.org