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[MiNT] Ethernet Drivers

I'm a very novice programmer...
I've learned to do some very simple things working with text in plain screen
modes for gcc, and that's about it.

How difficult is it to do a device driver?  Where should I 'start' learning to
do such things?  What tools do I need?

Maybe someone is already working on this...but I'd really like to see some
MiNTnet drivers for the D-Link-T SCSI/Link ethernet device.  Apparently no one
is working on this.

So far, I gather one needs knowledge of SCSIDRV (either from CHBD or HDDRIVER),
knowledge of the current MiNTnet TCP/IP stack, and how all this fits together
under MiNT, and of course a command list for the device.  Then of course...the
ability to code in the first place.

Is this kind of project one where a few pipes can be made between already
existing code, or is it a very BIG and complex project?  I'm interested in
learning, but I really don't know where to begin.  I'm assuming I'll need
special libraries for the SCSI driver and so on...will I?  Discussion?

In lieu of waiting for drivers...I hope to get an EtherNEC setup...none the
less...more drivers for more ethernet options would be quite healthy for MiNT.