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[MiNT] problems with GLIBC

   I originally made Frank crazy by
complaining about the linker.  But I have
what I think was a late version
   MINTLIBC.  I can see the names but the
text is bad.  OK.  I have Franks fine
GCC cross compiler,
   but I cannot link anything.    So I
cant compile GLIBC and I cannot compile
and link my compiler
   that I am building.
   I need a working libc so I can link
something.  My Linux is SLACKWARE 7.0 

   I have always had problems with GLIBC.
I have for (reasons not understood)
never NEVER downloaded
   a viable library that any compiler I
have would work on my 68000 Mega4.  I
have everything 
   for GCC and the libraries,  but I have
never gotten any of them to work.

   I Still cant get GCC to link.  It
compiles just fine. But It will not link
without some library.