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Re: [MiNT] problems with GLIBC

Le Wed, 23 Oct 2002 04:58:00 -0700
Josephus <dogbird@earthlink.net> a écrit:

>    I have always had problems with GLIBC.
> I have for (reasons not understood)
> never NEVER downloaded
>    a viable library that any compiler I
> have would work on my 68000 Mega4.  I
> have everything 
>    for GCC and the libraries,  but I have
> never gotten any of them to work.

I think you are confusing the libraries of the host system
(Linux/slackware/x86 ?) with those of the target system (Atari/Mint/m68k).
There is no glibc for MiNT. The mintlib is the standard libc for MiNT as
the glibc is the standard libc for Linux.

Read the pages I wrote about cross-compiling, you'll learn a bit how it works:

Patrice Mandin
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