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[MiNT] XaAES & CT2b centscreen videomodes


I'm experimenting a little more with my Falcon030/CT2b, extended
videomodes using Centscreen, and the XaAES -fvideo modes.

According to the XaAES documentation I can (for example) start XaAES with
an extended centscreen 16 color mode with

	xaaes.tos -fvideo x801a

Bit nr.15 (the "8" in my example) is said to be responsible for that
extended video mode.  Thus, 16 colors without extended video mode should
be possible with

	xaaes.tos -fvideo x1a
or:	xaaes.tos -fvideo 26

But in fact, on my setup, that 15th bit is useless. If I have
centscreen.prg installed in my auto folder, I will always get my extended
videomode. With or without the 15th bit set.

Off coarse, without centscreen.prg in my autofolder the extended
videomodes are not available, and I will always get the normal Falcon

Conclusion: I can't select or deselect Centscreen's extended videomodes
with the -fvideo commandline option provided by XaAES, but I have to
switch the centscreen.prg autofolder on or off using my bootselector at

Is there an other way under MiNT/XaAES ?


Martin Tarenskeen