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Re: [MiNT] problems with GLIBC

> > Why are you trying to compile MiNTlib on a slackware? If you're an
> > atari/FreeMiNT user then don't bother with cross compilers and run the
> > native Atari/MiNT tools, for example on http://aranym.atari.org/

> You misunderstood.  The MINTLIBC that I have is bad.    NM can see the modules
> but the text is bad.

You mistunderstood. If you were running under native FreeMiNT (for
example on aranym) you could easily download the tested and working
binaries of _everything_ from http://www.freemint.de/ - and you wouldn't
have to bother with cross compiler stuff.

Besides, it would make much more sense to develop natively since you
could immediately run what you compile - etc.