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Re: [MiNT] X

On So, 2002-10-05 at 20:01, Martin Tarenskeen wrote:
> Maybe I (we?) just need a more powerful Atari-(compatible) computer to
> really be able to use ported X applications under MiNT?

Most probably yes. With enough power even things like Mozilla (Galeon)
would be possible. Luckily more powerful Atari compatible computer is
available now in the ARAnyM project. Yesterday I've seen 512x288 DivX
video with AC3 stereo sound replayed by Aniplayer with full framerate on
very average host machine (Athlon 900 MHz - that's considered 'slow'
nowadays and can be bought real cheap).

I am about to install new FreeMiNT OS (still using KGMD :) on my aranym.
I believe that the X apps will be flying on such system where DivX video
is not a problem (and where benchmarks die due to division by zero since
most tests are executed so fast that cannot be measured :)