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[MiNT] X

Anyone using apps running under the XServer for MiNT seriously ? It
doesn't work very well on my system. For example, I can start
Ghostscript's frontend gv. But whenever I try to load a file, my system

Small simple things like xclock, xeyes, or xcalc are no problem. But more
serious stuff like ImageMagick's display, xpaint, and gv is very instable.

Also I'm still getting error messages related to fonts that are not
installed, despite settings in /etc/X11/fonts.alias.

Another problem I'm having is that the sizer corner of the window in which
an X application is running sometimes is outside the screen, and can't be
reached by the mouse.

Maybe I (we?) just need a more powerful Atari-(compatible) computer to
really be able to use ported X applications under MiNT? Or are there some
things I could try to improve performance on my current system ?


Martin Tarenskeen

Falcon030/CT2b, 14 + 32 MB RAM, MiNT 1.15.12, XaAES 0.951 or N.AES2, THiNG
1.27, installation based on EasyMiNT.