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Re: [MiNT] FW: Future (was Re: MiNT 1.16)

On Čt, 2002-10-31 at 16:12, Lonny Pursell wrote:
> > virtual memory? Several people promised to work on it many years ago but
> > no code was ever commited, IIRC.
> Why the need for virtual memory

I thought it was needed for dynamic libraries (*.so).

> I've nearly finished a GEM tool to manage the MINT.CNF file.

sounds good.

> > running FreeMiNT OS. There's no problem with small memory, overfilled
> > harddrive or slow processor anymore. We have solved this. Now if you
> > could wake up and start working on the great OS again..
> So far I've not had any of those problems on my Hades060.

Aranym is not directed to 68060 power users but rather to those with
Falcon and its 14 MB ST-RAM where they can't compile larger
applications. Also to those with dead hardware that would like to
continue developing but can't. For example I remember Guido saying
several times that his TT was dead, or that it didn't have enough memory
for compiling something. With aranym this doesn't happen.

Also, there are even brave MegaSTE users that like MiNT but hate those
that compile software with 68030 or 68882 enabled. And also pure (or
poor?) ST users that prefer MagiC 3.0 because MiNT does not run in 1/2/4
MB RAM. For these guys a used TT030 is as expensive as a brand new PC.
They don't buy the used TT030 because they can't get it easily, while
PCs are at every corner. They may even have a PC already, running
Windows and they use it just for generating viruses (recent example from
*.pl :). Wouldn't it be better if these guys installed aranym there and
ran MiNT nativelly?

I think you understand what I mean.

> I would like to see a new official mint release though.

Yes. The rule "release early, release often" is a good one. Frank, could
you perhaps do something about it? :)