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Re: [MiNT] FW: Future (was Re: MiNT 1.16)


On Thu, 31 Oct 2002, Lonny Pursell wrote:

> > Also, where are we going with the FreeMiNT in the future? What is the
> > direction? When will it become a full featured Unix like OS with e.g.
> > virtual memory? Several people promised to work on it many years ago but
> > no code was ever commited, IIRC.
> Why the need for virtual memory, I thought the virtual atari with huge
> memories solved this?  I'm just curious.  I always thought virtual memory
> would knock performance down anyway.

The virtual memory is a need for the unix like shared libraries. To be 
able to port more software we need them. So we need the virtual memory as 
well. And... Do you like the Xeyes beeing 1MB long?

> I've nearly finished a GEM tool to manage the MINT.CNF file.
> Some have said on usenet it's to hard to setup.  Editing a text file is
> rather compicated for some I guess.  ;-)

Good to know! Publish it! :)