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Re: [MiNT] Future (was Re: MiNT 1.16)

Hello Petr,

PS> Guys, it would be great to wake up and get the ball rolling again. This
PS> slow, hidden, quiet development doesn't attract anyone... Is the MiNT
PS> alive yet? That's the question.

PS> I'd like to hear from Guido again. And from Jo Even, and from all the
PS> other great guys that were working on FreeMiNT system or applications.

PS> And please note that we have been working on a new Atari machine for
PS> nearly three years now and we are very close to our goal now.

Not being an OS wizard, but one who has been quietly
cheering the ongoing development of MiNT, I am looking
forward to a new Atari machine with GEM, TOS and MiNT
built in (at the very least, TOS, GEM, and enough
of the MiNT kernel to get a command-line multiprocessing
system working) to the ROMs.  Not Flash.  Not EPROMs.  ROMs.

Many times I've taken pencil in hand and dreamed of new
hardware, such as flash-based virtual hard drives beyond
the cartridge port (i.e., devices d:\, e:\, and so on)
so that the system unit would be fully solid state (no
moving parts anywhere) with a shielded SCSI cable to an
outlying intelligent chassis that interfaces via the
SCSI port but uses IDE/ATA drives internally, maintaining
its own configuration data for those drives.

Such a machine would be revolutionary in it's own way
and would help to rekindle the joy, fun, and excitement
associated with Atari computing.

Now is not the time to give up!

George Crissman

PS> Simply
PS> everybody of you can now get a very powerful 68040 based machine for
PS> running FreeMiNT OS. There's no problem with small memory, overfilled
PS> harddrive or slow processor anymore. We have solved this. Now if you
PS> could wake up and start working on the great OS again..

PS> Thanks.

PS> Petr