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[MiNT] Future (was Re: MiNT 1.16)

On Po, 2002-10-28 at 18:19, Konrad M. Kokoszkiewicz wrote:
> > I'm not very much at home in cvs, compiling my own binaries from the
> > latest sources, and stuff like that. How far away is MiNT 1.16a from an
> > official public release, or a public beta version ?
> If you mean 1.15.12 as 'official', 1.16a is definitely more advanced. You
> can take a look at a list of changes at
> http://wh58-508.st.uni-magdeburg.de/cvs/ChangeLog.freemint

The ChangeLog is very detailed. Wouldn't you have something like a NEWS
file that would just list the main new features and differences of 1.16
compared to 1.15.x?

Also, where are we going with the FreeMiNT in the future? What is the
direction? When will it become a full featured Unix like OS with e.g.
virtual memory? Several people promised to work on it many years ago but
no code was ever commited, IIRC.

What else are we missing? Threads - do we have real threads? I guess we
don't, otherwise Patrice wouldn't be porting the pth (which IIUIC is
just a simulation of real threads).

Then better integration of the X11 server to GEM environment? I think I
heard something about possible better performance if the X11 server
could hook to XaAES or fVDI directly?

Guys, it would be great to wake up and get the ball rolling again. This
slow, hidden, quiet development doesn't attract anyone... Is the MiNT
alive yet? That's the question.

I'd like to hear from Guido again. And from Jo Even, and from all the
other great guys that were working on FreeMiNT system or applications.

And please note that we have been working on a new Atari machine for
nearly three years now and we are very close to our goal now. Simply
everybody of you can now get a very powerful 68040 based machine for
running FreeMiNT OS. There's no problem with small memory, overfilled
harddrive or slow processor anymore. We have solved this. Now if you
could wake up and start working on the great OS again..