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[MiNT] XaAES & CT2b centscreenvideomodes

Hi martin,

after a good set of test, I see you are absolutely right : bit 15 have no
I see also that without video parameter, xaaes don't run on falcon (as
before),and with -video option,
we are alway in extended modes (but somes stranges things with TT modes).

I think bit 15 work in older release. I'll look the code for search the
for your problem, why not using videomod for setting directly your whish ?

I check the developper doc from centek : this is really the bit 15 who
place extended screen when it's set.
others extended bits are :
bit 9 : energy star yes (1) no (0)
bit 10 : screen saver yes (1) no (0)
bit 11 : virtual screen yes (1) no (0)
bit 12 : external clock 32-36 MHz on CT2 A
bit 13 : external clock yes (1) no (0)
bit 14 : standard extended mode yes (1) no (0)
bit 15 : extended mode (1) normal mode (0)

I find this inside developpers doc :
... the master fonction for extended screen is setscreen, who update the
others fonctions (vsetmode, vgetsize...) works by default with standard
video modes, but they are modified for support extended video modes.

Maybe this is the problem : setscreen use alway extended modes.
an centek exemple say :
- get actual mode (vsetmode) : save initial videomode
- get actual adresses (logical and physical)
- set a standard mode by vsetmode
- put the new adress by setscreen, without change the video mode
... using new video mode
... return initial mode
- put initial adresses (setscreen)
- put initial videomode (vsetmode with initial videomode)

another choice for return initial video mode :
- put initial adresses and initial videomode (setscreen)

so, I'll make a piece of code for testing the real effect of setscreen and
for now, wait a lot please.