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Re: [MiNT] [MiNT][IMPORTANT] Windows users, check your systems !

Maurits van de Kamp <maurits@bassment.nu> writes:

>> but that's irrelevant,
> When someone is infected and thinks he's rid of it and then is still
> infected, I don't think it's irrelevant at all. Not for the person in
> question anyway. Just trying to help.

I've contacted gabo.pl and their upstream, so far without success. I'll
keep trying, I think Adam Klobukowski might appreciate the ability to
post to the list..

>> mailinglist which is not about virii.
> I doubt that a mailinglist about virii would like to receive virii. :)

If the purpose of the list would be to develop anti-virus tools, it
would be useful to see specimen to develop measures against.