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Re: [MiNT] Off topic, was: Re: [MiNT][IMPORTANT] Windows users, check your systems !

"Konrad M. Kokoszkiewicz" <draco@obta.uw.edu.pl> writes:

>> > mailinglist which is not about virii.
>> I doubt that a mailinglist about virii would like to receive virii. :)
> Right :-)
> And despite that I think the form 'viruses' is a bit better - since
> 'virii' is intended to be Latin plural (like sg. 'medium', pl. 'media',
> not mediums), but it is made up incorrectly for three reasons:

Yes, I know that it's not the a correct plural form of virus, but it's
an old habit. Sorry for exposing you to it, I'll try to get rid of
it. :)

> Sorry for the junk mail, but I couldn't stand it :-)

Off-topic posts are better than viruses (see, I can do it :) )