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Re: [MiNT] Réf. : XaAES & CT2bcentscreen videomodes

On 29 Oct 2002, Petr Stehlik wrote:

> Lucky XaAES allows user to simply select the whole 16-bit word. So I
> guess Henk will want to document it as follows:
> "There's a big mess in various Falcon screen enhancer software: some of
> them use highest bit for _disabling_ the extended resolution (BlowUP030)
> while others use the very same bit for _enabling_ the extended
> resolution (Centscreen). So your best bet is to try both values, with
> and without that bit set and you'll see".
> What a mess. Why Centek didn't follow the BlowUP...

I'm understanding it less and less. On my system that famous highest bit
doesn't do anything. If I have installed centscreen.prg in my autofolder
the extended resolution is used (if set), if I haven't, the standard
screen resolution is used. Always. It's as simple as that. I can start
XaAES and set the highest bit with the -fvideo option, or I can unset that
bit. But it doesn't have any effect, and seems to be ignored.

Am I doing something wrong, or didn't anyone REALLY try it with a Falcon
CT2 and XaAES ?


Martin Tarenskeen