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Re: [MiNT] Réf. : XaAES & CT2bcentscreen videomodes

On Út, 2002-10-29 at 09:03, patrick.prokopowicz@edf.fr wrote:
> >> if bit 15 is clear, centscreen do nothing.
> >... Also, it would mean that you don't have an
> >extended resolution in your desktop since the desktop naturally does not
> >use the 15th bit when it sets the resolution.
> exactly.
> this is why centek write a tool for changing video modes.
> on TOS, this tool intercept the desktop menu call

While this is generally more backward compatible with TOS itself, the
Centscreen is incompatible with the screen enhancers that were created
earlier so it's basically incompatible with all screen-enhancer aware
applications. That's real bad.

Lucky XaAES allows user to simply select the whole 16-bit word. So I
guess Henk will want to document it as follows:

"There's a big mess in various Falcon screen enhancer software: some of
them use highest bit for _disabling_ the extended resolution (BlowUP030)
while others use the very same bit for _enabling_ the extended
resolution (Centscreen). So your best bet is to try both values, with
and without that bit set and you'll see".

What a mess. Why Centek didn't follow the BlowUP...