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[MiNT] Réf. : XaAES & CT2bcentscreen videomodes

>> if centscreen.prg is installed, it intercept the system call (set_screen
>> xbios(5) on my memory, not sure) and check the bit 15.
>> if bit 15 is set, centreen check normal bit for find the number of color
>> you want, and apply THE extended mode you have previously made for this
>> number of colors.
>> if bit 15 is clear, centscreen do nothing.

>... Also, it would mean that you don't have an
>extended resolution in your desktop since the desktop naturally does not
>use the 15th bit when it sets the resolution.

this is why centek write a tool for changing video modes.
on TOS, this tool intercept the desktop menu call
on Multitos-MinT the tool need to be manually call, save the user info in a file,
and need to reboot for apply changes (by centrcreen.prg at boot time).