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Re: [MiNT] Réf. : XaAES & CT2b centscreen videomodes

On Po, 2002-10-28 at 12:15, patrick.prokopowicz@edf.fr wrote:
> if centscreen.prg is installed, it intercept the system call (set_screen
> xbios(5) on my memory, not sure) and check the bit 15.
> if bit 15 is set, centreen check normal bit for find the number of color
> you want, and apply THE extended mode you have previously made for this
> number of colors.
> if bit 15 is clear, centscreen do nothing.

If this was true then centek would be doing exactly the opposite to what
BlowUP030 does (AFAIK). Also, it would mean that you don't have an
extended resolution in your desktop since the desktop naturally does not
use the 15th bit when it sets the resolution.