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[MiNT] Réf. : [MiNT] XaAES & CT2b centscreen videomodes

some holidays later... : sorry for the delay
I have made more and more test on CT2B XaAES video modes in the past, and I
can confirm your mind :

as you can see in xaaes source, when parsing setup.scl, xaaes just find
-fvideo parameter and use it directly, before oppened vworkstation.
if centscreen.prg is installed, it intercept the system call (set_screen
xbios(5) on my memory, not sure) and check the bit 15.
if bit 15 is set, centreen check normal bit for find the number of color
you want, and apply THE extended mode you have previously made for this
number of colors.
if bit 15 is clear, centscreen do nothing.

so :
      xaaes.tos -fvideo x801a
is the extended mode for 16c
      xaaes.tos -fvideo x1a
is the normal mode for 16 c

and this work fine on my setup. but my mind was just "having extended mode under xaaes"
so I'll do some tests and I confirm you for 16c (more testing in 256c...)

have you the centscreen developpers docs ? I can send you a french version.