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[MiNT] MiNT 1.16


I have always problems had with the combination
Falcon030+CT2b / MiNT 1.15.12 / XaAES+vmoose.xdd / spin.xfs

The best results until now I got when I used:
- MiNT 1.16a, which I downloaded as a precompiled binary from Draco's site
- Memory protect enabled

With this setup I could run CT2b turbomode, use SPIN, and XaAES with some
error messages, but without crashing.

A problem with this setup is that MiNTnet isn't working, and I'm getting
some error messages that I don't fully understand when booting.

I have understood that I'll be needing inet4.xdd, which I have now.
I also heard I'll need another slip.xif version. If that is true I would
be very grateful if someone could send this to me, so that I can try it.

I'm not very much at home in cvs, compiling my own binaries from the
latest sources, and stuff like that. How far away is MiNT 1.16a from an
official public release, or a public beta version ?


Martin Tarenskeen