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[MiNT] XaAES v0.960

There is a new version available on my homepage (in sig)

Redraw optimization for newly topped windows. If the window was already
completely visible, no redraw message is sent.

Implemented mouse wheel support.

To be able to use the mouse wheels under XaAES, your VDI must support
the new VDI function 134; vex_wheel_v.
If you run a MILAN with the latest release TOS, you've got it.

Otherwise you can find it on: 

You can activate the use of mouse wheels in XaAES by replacing
vmoose.xdd by whlmoose.xdd.
If necessary change vmoose.xdd to vmoose.xd
and whlmoose.xd to whlmoose.xdd

XaAES converts wheel action to corresponding WM_ARROWED
messages. So there is no need to change applications.

The messages are sent to the top window, and only if this window has
the approppriate arrow widgets.

More functionality for wheel aware applications and any configurable
options will be implemented in future releases.

debug_lines is now a long.

Small AES function that do not need semaphores
are called direct. Occasional speed improvements.

Progdefs can spoil the intout array. (vmg_tt.prg).
Made sure that intout is filled out AFTER any object drawing.

Fixed a bug in F_TEXT, G_FTEXT objects:
If 3D object, do not write a black rectangle for selection.
This corrects at least MINTSETTER.

Implemented use of home directory for shell_find.
Activated by the command usehome in xa_setup.scl.

If activated and a environment variable named HOME exists,
shell_find will look in the HOME directory after looking
in the clients homepath and before looking in the PATH directory list.

This applies also to XaAES itself, so in a multiuser environment each
user can have its own XaAES scl files and hence its own setup.

Fixed a bug in wind_close:
The rectangle list was not removed.
This fixes the behaviour in the JayGrpII program.

When the alert pipe reports a alert and the screen was locked, the alert
was flagged as pending. Alas the pending alert was never displayed.
You might have heard a ping in stead.
It was in the system alert window, so it wasnt lost.
Now any pending alert is displeyed as soon as the screen is unlocked.

In colour the title of windows without the move attribute is displayed
without 3D effects.

Fixed a bug in popups.
In stead of moving the popup inside the visible screen, it was shortened
and made scrolling.
Popups are now only made scrolling when they are larger than the desktop
workarea height.

Groeten; Regards.
Henk Robbers.    mailto:h.robbers@chello.nl
A free multitasking GEM for MiNT: XaAES   (heavily under construction);
Interactive disassembler:         TT-Digger;  http://digger.atari.org
A Home Cooked teXt editor:        AHCX