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[MiNT] Security

I'm considering opening up my Falcon to the internet so I can access it from
work.  How safe is this?  Is it possible to set the thing up so that any remote
connection outside my lan cannot get off the ext2 partition?  Can I restrict
root access to only trusted sites?  From what I see so far...anyone with access
can go to any non ext2 drive/partition on my system and manipulate files, as
well as links to anything on non ext2 partitions.  Since chmod seems NOT to
affect symbolic links to things on non ext2 partitions at all, is there some
other way to secure these?  I'd really like to lock down all devices other than
those supporting unix permissions for ALL remote users unless su is used from an
authorized account...that at least gives two layers of password protection
before giving free reign to everything on drive u.

It seems logical to me that there is some common sense way to restrict/grant
access to the plethora of drives/devices/partitions and such on drive u.  I'm
just at a loss as to how.