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[MiNT] MiNTLib problem

Some time ago I had a problem with latest release of bash from 
SpareMiNT. The problem is I couldn't cd to any directory, it just 
didn't worked. I thought that the problem comes from MiNTLib, as 
latest release of bash was only a recompilation against newest 
MiNTLibs, previous version worked (and works) fine. I couldn't fix 
the problem myself so I droped it.

Today I recompiled newest Midnight Commander 4.6.0, and it works much 
better then previous versions, much faster and really useable on 030. 
But it shares the same problem that latest release of bash has - it 
cannot cd. CD in MC works only in virtual filesystems (ftp for 
example) but it does not work for real filesystem.

Can anybody confirm such problem? The problem pops out only when 
using latest CVS MiNTLibs.

I can send MC binary to anyone interested.

Semper Fidelis

Adam Klobukowski