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[MiNT] need help installing vconsoles

Thanks to your help I'm now able to run (for example) pine from my
easymint login screen, without the use of GEM and TosWin2.

I have used /etc/profile to "export TERM=st52" and this works.
Unfortunately TERM=st52-color doesn't work, it gives an error message like
"termcap entry to big". Another thing is that when I use TosWin2, I have
to change TERM=st52 back to TERM=tw52 to get my colors back. How can I do
this automatically, to get tw52 with TosWin2, and st52 on the login

It would be nice to have some color also without/before starting XaAES and
TosWin2. Do I need to install vconsoles to achieve that ? I have
downloaded the archive, but need some help installing it on top of my
EasyMiNT installation. I have read the docs but don't fully understand
everything. What files do I put where, which configuration files do I have
to edit, and how to use it on my Falcon ?

Any help is welcome,


Martin Tarenskeen