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Re: [MiNT] termcap problem

I seem to have more basic problems. I am closer to square 1 than
you thought.

One is trivial. RPM says it cannot install URW fonts. On the
other hand, that trivial problem may be important.

The other is bigger, and maybe also trivial. I do not have a
/var/lib/Xapp/fonts.db file.

I did move my Ghostscript fonts to my c:/gemsys folder, and
watched NVDI take a lot of time updating its outline fonts. Is
that a NVDI font folder?

So, what writes that fonts.db file? And, if possible, what does
it look like?

Or do I have the usual simple kind of problem, and am going at
something all the wrong way?


On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, Martin Tarenskeen wrote:

> On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, Jim DeClercq wrote:
> > At least I thought it worked. X.app runs, and opens a little
> > window that will not take input. Xterm runs, says it cannot find
> > a useable font, seems to call X.app, and I get another little
> > useless window.
> >
> Setting up the fonts used by X.app is a bit tricky. (At least it was for
> me). You'll have to edit /etc/X11/fonts.alias. Also take a look in
> /var/lib/Xapp/fonts.db to see what fonts are available and for correct
> names. In /usr/doc/XServer-0.14 there is an example fonts.alias file.
> I just kept watching the console (error) messages carefully, and everytime
> a certain font or an alias could not be found, I tried to find a suitable
> font/wildcard combination to put in my fonts.alias file. At this moment
> only once in a while a suitable font cannot be found on my system.
> On my system I have installed most of the URW and Ghostscript fonts also
> in my NVDI font folder. I think X.app uses NVDI to be able to display
> different fonts. (Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyone ?)
>  --
> Martin Tarenskeen