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Re: [MiNT] termcap problem

On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, Frank Naumann wrote:

> Hello!
> > One is trivial. RPM says it cannot install URW fonts. On the
> And what's the reason? What error message does rpm report?

It was finger trouble, from using CAB on a 8.3 file name drive,
and correcting the name later. In the end, the URW fonts were
already installed.

chkfontpath shows a large number of font files in its path,
including the urw fonts, so that part is working.
> > The other is bigger, and maybe also trivial. I do not have a
> > /var/lib/Xapp/fonts.db file.
> This is generated from the XServer on the first startup. Do read the docu
> of the XServer?

There is a possible complication here. The Easy MiNT installer
seems to have missed XServer, so I added it, using RPM, when I
looked for it and it was not there.

Yes, I read some documention. Apparently not well enough. Thanks
for the reminder.