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[MiNT] New OpenSSH RPM Packages (Untested)

I have built the packages based on the newer (3.7.1p2) OpenSSL package I
compiled a week or so ago (0.9.6k, which just has security holes fixed
versus the previously used package).  I have tested a little bit, not very
much though, as I do not have an environment setup to test the full range
of utilities this package provides.

With that out of the way:


Includes the core, client, server, and source RPMs.  You will also need to
install the lastest OpenSSL package, which is also there, and now posted
at the SpareMint website.

I was able to successfully get sshd running, and ssh into my own machine,
but that is all I have tested with this package.  So, if any problems are
encountered, please drop me a note on the list, and hopefully they can be
sorted out.