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[MiNT] New Compiled version of Lynx SSL compiled against the latest SSL Libs


In that directory.  No source provided, as the source has not changed at
all, just compiled against the newer OpenSSL libraries.

Also, I have received a little feedback about the OpenSSH RPMs, and they
seem to work fine.  If any problems are found, let me know.

I'm still working with the newer Apache (1.3.28), trying to get it to
build as a package.  After that, I will try to build a package with ModSSL
built in, but I am not sure if I can do that as a binary or not.

Also, I have gotten LibSlang to build, although I have not yet tested it.

And, I have been messing with the 'Links' text based web browser.  it
works great, although it uses ANSI (I think) on the console, so it only
works great when telneted in from a Linux box, or some other system.  It
also has SSL support built in.  If anyone wants the binary, let me know.
I am trying to work on a version which will run from the console.

Right now my Falcon is compiling GCC 3.3.2 which I most likely will not
install, but might just mess around with it.  Did some work on Samba as
well, but that has a long way to go still.......

Now, as long as my 'free time' at work stays at this level, I might keep
making some progress....  :)