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Re: [MiNT] Toswin2 Bugs

> MD> I'd like to volunteer to attempt to fix toswin2 bugs

Awsome :)

> That is GREAT! I think there are lot of issues with Toswin2. Actually
> it is great, but I there are a lot of things that could/should be
> changed/fixed/added:


> 1. fix:
>    tw52 is not fully compatible with original Atari terminal emulation
>    but it should be!


> 2. new feature:
>    tw100 is not really known to most internet servers. That's why you
>    don't get very far with tw100. So it would be very nice to have a
>    more well known terminal emulation also for Toswin2, eg. xterm,
>    vt220 or whatever is most common but still easy enough to implement
>    in Toswin2.

I'd much like to see decent emulation as well!  vt102/w ansi color support at
the least.  Something that supports the scrolling and split screen modes that
turn alot of unix utilities from a hassle to use, into a preferred option :)
There really is alot of stuff out there that's barely useable under vt100 but is
really nice to use under vt102 w/color or better.