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[MiNT] gemlib install error

Hi all!

Just downloaded the latest things from cvs and compiled the lib
Then I typed
make install

However it aborts with the following error message:

install - 644 lib{gem,gem16}.a /usr/lib
install: cannot stat `lib{gem,gem16}.a': No cuh file or directory

So I looked in the makefile and changed this line:
install - 644 lib{gem,gem16}.a $(PREFIX)/lib
into those two:
install - 644 libgem.a $(PREFIX)/lib
install - 644 libgem16.a $(PREFIX)/lib

And then it works. But isnt it supposed to work anyway? What am I
doing wrong? Dont you others get this error, too? And if not, why not?


Cheers, Ingo =;->