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[MiNT] Jed & rgrep uploaded to Atariforge


The Jed install package is broken into 2 pieces because it is setup for
one to install XJed and the Jed common package, and not have the console
version of Jed.  I could not get Xjed to compile yet, as I was missing
some X headers, which appeared to be from Freetype, but I am not certain
(was at least one from Xft under the X11 includes, and I looked at a Linux
box to make that guess).  I'm going to keep working on XJed here and
there, and figure out what it wants/needs.


Not really tested, but was built as part of the Jed package, so here it
is.  :)

Back to beating my head against the wall with Firbird/Solaris....