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[MiNT] FYI: XaAES changes


Just FYI ;)

I've just commited some cleanups to the XaAES code + the fileselector
usability improvements:

The file editable field is cleared on each folder/drive change.
CTRL + BACKSPACE is mapped to 'go to parent folder'
CTRL + '*' to 'set the filter to "*"'


BTW: Hackers,

GENERATE_DIAGS=1 works quite nice here in ARAnyM (when it doesn't call
the real Cconws(), but something ARAnyM specific. I'm not sure whether it
might have something to do with BIOS reentrancy. Or is this issue already
solved some other way?

I had to comment out the following line in the debug.c (because with
this line it was crashing):

-                       display("**** %d %s\n", D.bug_line, D.debug_path);
+                       /* display("**** %d %s\n", D.bug_line, D.debug_path); */