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[MiNT] mke2fs doesn't work properly


My friends noticed that the $sub. I've gone through the sources and found
that the e2fsprogs does the stat() on the requested device filename. I've
added the stat() emulation for the XHDI into tools/IO/mint_io.c assuming
that it could help. I didn't try to compile the source however.

Frank, could you build a test RPM or just another release with the new
mint_io.c incorporated, please?

Note: It can help to execute the mke2fs with the -F flag in which case the
stat() call is skipped. So, could you try "mke2fs -F r:" out there? ;)

Here is a snippet of what it really says:

====== Cut ======
$ mke2fs r:

Could not stat r --- No such file or directory

The device apparently does not exist; did you specify it correctly?
====== End ======

best regards