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Re: [MiNT] 030-version of gcc


> You speak of "people opinions" without giving names.

There are so many, I don't remember all :-)

> I speak of named and talented developers and applications.

Maybe you mention these talented developers with name before you bother me
(I assume they explicitly talked to you that they really want to develop
with the superiour gcc 3.x).

> You speak about C++ libraries that are useless.

Nice to hear that all the sparemint C++ libs are useless ... :-( Most time
you don't see if the libs are C++ libs or include C++ objects.

> Would it mind if it's changed into new libraries ?

I don't know if you ever realized that this a "lot" of work? And with
"lot" I really mean a lot. So can I assume that you are willing
to update and recompile all neccessary sparemint rpms? *This* will be
really helpful.

> You speak about "bugs" unprecisely, because you don't know.

Oh, maybe I dreamt only of this. Btw. I also found an optimizer bug in gcc
2.95.3 (but that's the only one I remember in 2.95.3).

> Speaking like you speak will not improve the usage and progress
> of ATARI m68k GNU C target.

And speaking like you also don't help. Nobody stop you to compile and test
the gcc 3.x and finally made rpm packages. I'm for sure the last person
who stop anyone todo something. Everyone is welcome to contribute to
sparemint, just upload the rpms through ftp and sent me a short notice.

> You don't use GCC 3.x, you should !

To speak clearly, starting from version 3.0 I compiled the gcc from time
to time as native mint compiler and checked it out. And I was always so
impressed from it that I found I can still live with the 2.95.3.


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